First Public Testimony: Texas Redistricting

After waiting five hours hangrily* in one of two overflow rooms, I gave my first Public Testimony in front of Texas’ Redistricting Committee and local State Senators at the Texas State Capitol.

Texas is home to some of the most egregious partisan gerrymandering in the United States. By “cracking” and “packing” electoral districts, members of the Texas Legislature have been able to solidify their own electoral safety, and exclude voters from equal participation in elections. Because the districts are drawn by members of the legislature who directly benefit from excluding political opponents, there has been little incentive to draw districts fairly. Our political maps are re-drawn, (redistricted), every ten years. The next redistricting is in 2021.

What this means—Texans need to voice and demand a fair, non-partisan, and transparent redistricting process in 2021 or we’ll likely be shut out of fair and proper political representation for the next ten years. If legislators don’t feel the political consequences of their actions, they will have little reason to change. 

Scroll to view my prepared testimony below.

Cool Personal Moment: The Rabble Podcast’s weekly political Fuck-Marry-Kill segment, Becky marries my advocacy giving me a shout out at ~10:20.

Interested in Getting Involved?

  1. Join Fair Maps Texas, a nonpartisan reform effort aimed at fixing the broken redistricting system in Texas. Coalition partners include ACLU Texas, LWV of Texas, Texas Civil Rights Project, and more.

  2. View Tentative Schedule for Redistricting Hearings here.

  3. Please let me know. Austin friends– while the next committee hearing in Austin will be in a year, tentatively Sept 10, 2020, I’m more than happy to accompany you to a public hearing in another Texas city as well as notify you when the 2020 Austin hearing gets closer.

Resources I leveraged in curating my testimony –


* Hangry, a portmanteau of hungry and angry, and an adjective that describes being irritable due to hunger.

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